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    Pros and Cons on contracting 2 developers.



      Pros and Cons on contracting 2 developers.


      Need new website developed w/ Filemaker as center of the online customer interaction. Q: I have a web designer I'm comfortable with, but he doesn't have FM experience. What are the pros and cons of contracting 2 different designers, ws designer and fm developer?  Typical ws needs: payment integration, customer account management, simple scripting functions. Am pretty clear on the fields, layouts.  Site design not extremely complex. I'm familiar with FM and all the requirements seem to be out of the box techniques in FM10. Most challenging: having final db text layout distributed to customer via email in MSWord. Thoughts?

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          Two cents,


          What you describe requires an FMP developer.  The question is whether the current webdesigner is involved.

          If you're comfortable with your current webdesigner, is it because they're easy to work with or because you love the end product?


          If it's primarily working comfort with the webdesigner, try the FMP developer alone...see how comfortable they are to work with.  Friendliness is more common than artistic sensibilities in my experience.


          If the webdesigner's end result is what makes you smile, use the FMP developer for the function, then run the appearance aspect past your webdesigner for feedback.  Use each one's strengths.


          Either way, make sure you get what you set out to get, both form and function.


          hope that helps in some way...