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Prospective buyer of FMPro: questions

Question asked by ramaprem on Aug 1, 2011
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Prospective buyer of FMPro: questions


I run an old ClarisWorks/AppleWorks database. I would like to be able to update to Mac OS Lion, but Lion does not support this "legacy" software. I know that FM is the "800-pound gorilla" of databases, but I need reassurance concerning the following before I purchase FM and Lion.

1. My database has almost 3,000 records, with about 60 fields/record. Will I be able to transfer ALL this information - without loosing anything - from AW to FM?

If so, can I be pointed to some exact instructions on doing this properly?

2. I use MailMerge. AW has a text module, and I have created AW text documents (containing graphics, I might add), which are used to do a merge. I assume that FM can do this, but does FM have a "text module"? If so, would I have to create new documents with(in) FM to accomplish a merge?

3. I print mailing labels. I also assume that FM does this.

It's a scary proposition to make this change after so many years of using my AW database; my business is 100% dependent on it. So I need to be certain of being able to make the change without loss or corruption of data.

Thank you.