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    Protal sort



      Protal sort


      I have a portal with long descriptions. I have it sorted by those descriptions. It alphabetizes them to a point.

      Is there a character limit on alphabetizing something. If so is there a way to extend that?

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          In researching, part of my issue i have numbers as a part of the description. If i change the field to a number field, it sorts by the number not the characters and the numbers... I am hoping to sort by characters and numbers... I don't want to do a value list because i have to change that not my employees.

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            Care to provide an example of this data?

            One trick for getting numeric text to sort correctly is to add leading zeroes


            will text sort as 1, 10, 2, 30

            01, 02, 10, 30

            will text sort as expected.