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Protect Data after lookup

Question asked by FMMark on May 20, 2010
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Protect Data after lookup


I am using FileMaker Pro 10 on Windows XP. The database is being published to the web via instant web publishing.


I am new to FileMaker and learning on the job.


The database I created is meant to facilitate a two state call center to enter customer trouble tickets into a form layout. I have setup a total of three tables within the database. The first table is the form that the user enters the call information in to. I created the layout with a tab for each state on the same layout. The fields in each tab are unique to each state. The other two tables (one for each state) archives the customer information. The two tables for each state have a relationship with the main table using the customer ID as the key. I have set the fields for the customer information on the main table to lookup the store name, address, city, etc in the other tables.


The problem the user is experiencing is when they enter the customer ID and hit submit, the customer information is displayed blank on the main table and when I lookup the archived table, the customer information for that customer ID is now blank. This does not happen everytime but every so often. I have formatted the two spreadsheets that contain the customer information many times and imported this information. This has not resolved the concern. I am thinking there is some sort of sharing setting that I have not enabled. I would like the lookup to just populate the corresponding fields but when the data is entered on the main table, it overwrites what is listed on the archived table with the customer information.


Please help me understand what I can do to resolve this concern. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,