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    Protecting a database from reuse



      Protecting a database from reuse


           Hello. A person requested a copy of my databases (without data) to copy and use the layouts/template/field/scripts/calculations that I basically created. I'm more than willing to give a read only access to the database, but that's not what they're looking for because I know they won't be able to use what's in it. They really just don't want to start from scratch and want to use my work as their own. So if my manager says I have to provide these databases to someone that did not create them, is there anyway I can protect it? With like a background text they can't remove or read only on items where they can see what was used, but they couldn't copy? Any suggestions on how to protect my hard work would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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               Well . . . if this person wants the db with access to design simply refuse. If you are an employee and your arrangement with your employer states that all your work created in this job belongs to your employer then you have little choice but to surrender your work. Otherwise your work is your own and I would  advise that you simply stick to your guns and say no.