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Protecting Child / Parent Dependencies

Question asked by Vinny on Mar 13, 2012
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Protecting Child / Parent Dependencies


I want to prevent the user from deleting a child record if a parent record exist.  What is the best way?

For example, I have:

Parts Table

Part Types Table


On my parts layout, I have a pop up which allows the user to select / define a Part Type (value list from the Part Types Table).

On my Part Types table, I have "add" and "delete" buttons.  I don't want the user to be able to delete the Part Type if there is a Part entry that is using that Part Type.

What is the best way to check (in script) if that Part Type has a parent and therefore stop the deletion?

Also, I noticed that if I did delete the Part Type, the popup in the corresponding Parts entry just shows the old ID number from the deleted child record (I'm using ID / auto serial numbers for the relationship).

Thanks in advance for your help.