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Psycho Calendar

Question asked by PeterDowns on Jun 7, 2011
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Psycho Calendar



I have a drop down calendar field in a portal, attached to a date field in a table.

It works well with all records having different dates.

When I click on the new record button to add a blank record it changes all the date records to the latest record or the last one edited. Obviously this creates a problem.

There is nothing in the script attached to the new record button that relates to the date field. the button does the following - 

Freeze window
Go to Field [ChartAccounts::AccountName]
Insert Calculated Result [Select; ChartAccounts::O_Pac; Funding::PacCode]
.....there  couple of other insert calculated results fields just prepopulating some data and then finish with...
Go to Portal Row [Select;Last]

Any ideas