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    Publishing records with images



      Publishing records with images


           I have trecently purchased FM 12 PRO , mostly in order to bublish data that includes images (container fields)

           Since I cannot have my office computer running 24/7, my intention was to upload the data to my web hosting server, and provide an address to that server.

           I have found however, that container fields cannot be exported, and thus, cannot be included with the shared / posted file.

           Would anybody have a solution to this problem (having images included in the database), when serving the file from my web hosting service ?

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               Container fields can be exported--but not through export records, you use export field contents and if you store images in them with the "store a reference" option, you have no images to export as they reside as individual files on your server. I suggest researching the external storage option new to Filemaker 12.

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                 I very much appreciate your suggestion.

                 However, I needed to be able to export the images so they stayed integrated in with the other records as a database (export to HTML)

                 I already have the individual images at the location from where I originally imported them into the database.

                 I could bve wanting to do something FM 12 PRO is not capable of, but I thought I would see if someone had a solution anyway.

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                   Here is an app that I created that uses the webview to display images.   You would have your images on your webserver and then you would have the url to the image in your database. 


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                     All appreciated, but i do have ways of sharing images online.

                     Aperture easily exports excellent web pages with images, and with iWeb, I can also publish and share images and text.

                     The whole idea was to be able to do so from within FM Pro so I would not have to maintain more than one database of information with images.

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                       How are the images inserted into your container fields? By Reference or embedded?

                       Did you try exporting to XML? (I don't know if it works for this, I'm curious.)

                       Did you try exporting to HML?

                       I would think there might be a way to do this if the images are inserted by reference and you then transport the individual images along with the HTML code such that the references in the HTML correctly link to individual image files, but I've never tried this so could easily be wrong.

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                         All images are embedded.

                         Wether exporting as HTML or XML, a message comes up, stating that "container fields cannot be exported".

                         I did purchase FM in order to make the process of publishing this data smoother and quicker.

                         Having to, manually, add hundreds of images to a HTmL file, kind of defeat that purpose.

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                           Take a look at your HTML code. This isn't something I do every day, but as I understand it, NO HTML page contains embedded images, only references that tell the web server how to serve up the contents of the image file to the user's web browser.

                           I think you'll need to switch to "by Reference" container fields, transfer the images to a specified location on the web server and then develop a means of translating the file reference inside the container field--which stores a file path that includes the file name and which is full accessible to another calculation in FileMaker into an HTML tag that correctly refers to the image file once it is properly uploaded to the expected location on the web server.

                           Once you can do that, you should be able to export the needed data for use with your web server that properly serves up images to the user's browser.

                           If you research plug ins and other 3rd party tools for use with FileMaker, you may find some that simplify this procedure.