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    Publishing static Data



      Publishing static Data


      Hello - 

      I need to learn more about publishing static data.

      I know the pdf guide, in the middle of page 17, directs me to visit:

       www.filemaker.com/support/technologies for general information on XML and example files

      But, when I go there, I see much information, but there are so many options I'm not sure what to read. 



      Primarily, I'm trying to find out if the html pages that I generate with FM will be dynamically driven, or sortable.  


      Or, are they simply frozen tables of information????


      Where can I see some demos of static data that's been published from FM?

      Thank you. 

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          There should be an example file in your FileMaker Pro Folder/English Extras/Examples/XML Examples.


          It's named XML Example.fp7 and has 3 static HTML exports along with the style sheets.



          Good Luck! 

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            Thank you for replying  and the link for the examples.

            But, it seems that is merely a button or script for doing the same thing I already know how to do - ie, I know how to take my file, and Export as HTML...


            I'm trying to find out how to create a front end index, or gallery, for a series of pages.

            And have the front index and gallery pages created with one click.


            For example, using the sample database, I'd like a front screen that says:

            info by last name

            info by group

            info by score


            if you click the 'last name' you'll get a report of everyone sorted by last name

            if you click the group, you'll get a report of everyone sorted by group

            if you click the score, you'll get the info sorted by score


            OR, perhaps this alternative:

            front screen asks what group you want

            you pick RED, and can get to a list of folks in the red group

            Clicking on any of their names, will take you to their name, in a list of everyone sorted by name.


            In other words, I want the info to be clickable from field to field.

            But I don't know what the 'official name' of this is, so I'm asking for it like a 2-year old.


            Thank you!