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    publishing to web



      publishing to web


      If I publish a database to the web which product must I use?

      Can anyone excess the database with permission?

      Do they need filemaker to add or edit information? 


      What I want to do is create a pedigree database that anyone can go to and insert their own information and create a printable pedigree. The Sire and Dam's pedigree will be saved and made searchable for use at any other time needed.


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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker information can be published to the web via Instant Web Publishing or by Custom Web Publishing using PHP or XML.


          Launch FileMaker Pro, open the database file you want to publish, pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing...".  Turn on Instant Web Publishing, select the open file, and set access to "All Users".


          Now, go to another machine, open a Browser and enter:


          http://<IP address of host machine>


          You can then select the file and open it, and depending on privileges, add, edit and delete records.


          Up to five web users can access the file at the same time.  Users do NOT need FileMaker Pro.  If you need more than five simultaneous users, then you will need FileMaker Server Advanced for Instant Web Publishing, or just FileMaker Server for Custom Web Publishing.



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