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Pull Information from different tables to one portal

Question asked by Rockito on Oct 15, 2014
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Pull Information from different tables to one portal


Hello file maker,

I am new to filemaker, i purchase my filemaker pro already for long time, but always when i tried to build the database with the right relationship it was not good result for here is my first post, hope it also will be helpful for the new people using Filemaker 

I build a basic invoice for customers, with products that include different parts for its total price (database relationship is attached)

the relation ship is

Invoice  ----(one to many )Invoice Item ---- (one to many)Product

Invoice -----company title (many to one)(i have different title that will have to be assigned to different invoices)

Invoice ----- Customer (many to one)

Product  ----- Materials (one to many)

Product ----- workmanship (one to many)

Now.....I have one layout that called Products, i should have 2 portals one is for materials and one for workmanship, this is ok until now with no problem

i calculate on the product layout the total of workmanship and for material and have some calculation on it and give the total price for product.


now i have the invoice layout that i want to have the Invoice items(as portal) and be able to show on the portal the details from the Proucts table(such as price, style number).....this is not working.....

first i couldn't store the calculation of material and workmanship into a the price for the product (it is always unstored)

is there any way that i can also show on the same portal of invoice items info from Materials, workmanship and products tables.

thanks a lot for the help