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Pulling a list of values from one table into another...

Question asked by ijontichy on Aug 30, 2011
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Pulling a list of values from one table into another...


I'm on a film project and every day we're generating several shots.


So on August 30th for example we might have 40 shots.

24A take 1

24A take 2

24A take 3

24b take 1



All the way through...let's call it 24cc take 9



This information comes to me via a very field dense export from telecine.   So while 24A is a unique field and take 1 is a unique field, they are both in the same record with the date, the lab roll, etc.


For the day to day, this is fine because what we really care about most is the individual shot, and we hang a lot of the data off of that.


But there are times when I'd like to very easily display just the unique slates for any given day.


I know I can create a get(valuelist) function that will show me all the slates with no repeats for a given day--a friend showed me how to do that, but...


But I'd like to create a separate table that is essentially a calendar.   If I create a new record for August 30th, I'd love to see a list of just the unique slates (and not the takes) that were shot on that day.


08/30/11:  24a, 24b, 24c, 24d...24cc

with no repeats.


Yes I could find for unique dates and get the same thing, but there has to be a way to harvest these sorts of lists and relate them to different tables and that's where I'm stymied.


Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.