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Pulling data from linked database

Question asked by TheCoach on Nov 8, 2011
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Pulling data from linked database


 Filemaker novice so please bare with me.  My client has a couple of Filemaker 10 databases (Plating Calc and DPP List).  There is a relationship setup between the files based on a DPP Number (see attached PDF).  They pull up the plating calc database and fill in some fields which generate the DPP Number.  They want the DPP description (a field in the DPP List database) to appear on the screen by pulling from the DPP List database.  The field is listed on the form as an edit box. This doesn't happen.  The strange thing : If I exit from the Plating Calc database and then pull it up again, the Desc is there.  Or if I edit layout | Manage Database | click on the field, the Desc appears.  Is there something I need to do to trigger it pulling the desc from the DPP List automatically?