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Pulling data from previously inputted data

Question asked by raykennedy on Dec 13, 2010
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Pulling data from previously inputted data


I am trying to pass data along to another record.

When I go to a layout I would like to pull the last inputted value. So I have two fields...

1. Current Price

2. New Price

Upon entering price adjustments I am dynamically updating the New Price from another layout through scripting. In the same process I would like the Current Price in the new record to be pulled directly from the last entry field or previous record of New Price.

In Summary

New Record - Current Price = Old Record - New Price. (Does that make sense?)

What I don't know how to do or even if it can be done this way, I would like to know if there is a way to write a script that would allow you to pull data from a previous inputted record. It would need to be able to identify that it was the last inputted record in relation to that Transaction. I do have date field in there so if that is helpful, could that be used to identify the most updated field. That would be the best if possible.

Hope that is clear.