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Pulling Data from Table two to Table One

Question asked by gsbilsky on Feb 12, 2010
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Pulling Data from Table two to Table One


I have the following in calculated specify


Set Field [Bankdata::BankReportingData ; If(BankData::BankPayee = Payees_W_Cats::WherePayee; Payees_W_Cats::ReportingPayee; "Opps")


I checked specify target field and Have Bankdata::bankReportingData selected.



I am in the field need and run script and get Opps.


If I replace payees_W_cats::Wherepayees with text = to BankData::BankPayee the statement works.  


Somewhere I must not be looking at Payees_W_cats.


What am I doing wrong?


Second Question:  How do I update the BankReportingData fields for  records and not just one at a time?