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    Pulling Data From the web



      Pulling Data From the web


      I have a player scouting database for basketball. Is there a way that I could pull stats off of a website (ESPN,CBS,Yahoo, etc)  where it points to a particullar player's stats field in the database?? DOnt know if thats even possible, just thought I'd ask

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          You can scrap most anything off of a web page by placing one or more small webviewer fields on your layout, and then searching through the source code for each for the data you want. 

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            Is there a simple way to do that, I dont care how tedious, but are there simple steps to do it ot something that only someone wilth expert status using the program could do. For instance if I was doing career stats of players and I had Michael Jordan in my database and wanted to go to ESPN and pull his career points off their website, how would I do it in the simplest way possible in your opinion

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              It takes some pretty sophisticated text calculations to extract the desired data from the web viewer and what works with one site  is unlikely to work with another as each likely presents the data in a different format. If they offer an option for downloading the data as a text file, you could download such a file and import the data from it into FileMaker. You may find it simpler to copy and paste the data from the web viewer or web page into fields on your layout.

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                I figured it would Phil I've been copying and pasting, but I wanted somethng that would give me updated data. Its not a big deal, but would be a tremendous piece to the database. If I pulled everything from the same site would it be any easier if I pulled everything from say ESPN??

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                  would it be easier insteadof individual fields like points and what not to be able to grab an onbject from another website liek his whole career stats object??

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                    That gives you just one data format to deal with, which means that once you get everything figured out, you can readily scrape data from the web viewer--until ESPN changes their web site and you have to modify your calculations to handle the change.

                    To get a look at what you would be getting into, do this:

                    1. Add a webviewer to ESPN to your layout.
                    2. Use the Inspector to give your web viewer an object name.
                    3. Define an unstored calculation field set to return text with this expression:
                    4. GetLayoutObjectAttribute("WebViewerObjectName","Content")
                    5. Put this field on your layout next to the web viewer and resize the field so that it can display multiple lines of text, you might add a scroll bar to it also.
                    6. Now enter layout mode and wait for the web viewer to load the page to ESPN. Then look at the text in this field. This is the mass of text that you would need to use calculations and/or a script on to extract the data you want.


                    I don't know if anyone might have developed a plug in for extracting web site data that might make this easier or not.

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                      If I say wanted Kobe Bryant's stats for this season.  His ESPN page is http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/players/profile?playerId=110

                      If I wanted to grab that first object that has his 2010-2011 stats with his career numbers underneath is that possible??

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                        I guess I can just put the full name column solution that you gave me earlier. How do I take all the names and put it in a value list again?? I remember there is a way to combine them , but I forgot the procedure

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                          It's definitely possible. But as I've already said, this isn't simple as you need to use text functions and possibly a script to find and extract the relevant data.

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                            I think your last post there was meant for your other thread? It doesn't seem to have anything to do with extracting data from a web page.