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Pulling Format types based on a trigger

Question asked by kingsley47 on May 20, 2010
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Pulling Format types based on a trigger


I am using filemaker pro to create test reports for our customers. In the test report is a section for chemical reuqirements and reported chemistry. Depending on the material used, a different set and number of fields for the elements will need to be listed. If I have a field asking for the material type could I use that to prompt filemaker to pull up a set of fields for each material type? I need the chemical abreviations pulled up with a blank box under to state the percentage.


(bf = blank field)


Mat'l Type: 4340


C       Mn       P        S........etc..(10 fields total)

bf      bf          bf       b


Mat'l Type:718


Ni      Cr        Mn....etc.... (16 fields total)

bf     bf        bf