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Pulling Records from Table to Populate Multiple Inputs

Question asked by LoyleneRuppert on Sep 9, 2013
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Pulling Records from Table to Populate Multiple Inputs


     I have an Employee Table that holds the list of all clinical employees.  I have a master form where data is entered, capturing various stages of tracking.  This means employees touch the tracking record multiple times.  I need a lookup field that lets them choose the employee they want and then I need an auto-filled, scripted field that shows the names of the employee chosen.  These must be unique for each instance.  

     How do I do this.  I am able to get it work work if there is only one employee referenced, but when I manipulate other parts of the form, it wants to populate with the same employee name consistently throughout.  I have made a values list that is looking up the employee for a unique label, but I can't get the script to run to populate an auto-filled text box with first and last name.  Here is the script run on that box:


     IsEmpty ( EmpNameF ) ; EmpNameL ;  
     IsEmpty ( EmpNameL ) ; EmpNameF ; 
     EmpNameL & ", " & EmpNameF 
     It works perfectly for the first reference to the employee but not for the second.  I have changed the names of the nameL, nameF, etc, but I can't figure it out.