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    Pulling up a selected month and year



      Pulling up a selected month and year


      I need help in setting up a database. I have been using a database in Appleworks and have imported it into Filemaker Pro 11. 

      The records have 11 fields. All are text fields except the last service field is a date field.

      I need to be able to pull up the records from a particular month and year.  In the last service field, a date field, the date is entered for example as 1/3/12 for January 3, 2010. 

      When creating a new record I want to be able to simply enter the date into one field. How do I set up my database to be able to pull up one month of records? 

      Also, I have set up layouts to print on postcards. When I have tried to print a set of records it has only printed one at a time. I need to print the whole set of records on separate postcards. I have tried this with the View on both list and table. And I have the Print dialog box set to print all the pages, and the record being browsed.

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          Wouldn't that be 1/3/12 for January, 3, 2012? Wink

          If you enter find mode and use 1/*/2012 as your find criteria, you should be able to find all records dated in the month of January for the year 2012. This can also be scripted so that a single button click or a selection from a drop down menu triggers the same find.

          Also, I have set up layouts to print on postcards.

          What kind of layouts? Are the postcards perforated stock with an Avery Number? Did you use the labels option when creating the layout and specify that number?

          If these are single post cards, you'll need to specify a custom paper size that matches the postcard in printer setup.

          If you created a layout for multple postcards to a page stock without using the Labels option, you'll need to use layout setup | printing to specfiy that you are printing data in columns. You'll also need to specify a size for the header, body and footer parts of your layout to match your stock. The body should be sized to the height of a single post card. While in layout mode, you can click the layout part's label and then enter a height in the box of that name on the inspector's position tab to specifiy a precise size for a layout part. (You can click the units to the right of these boxes to cycle from inches to centimeters to pixels to get the units you want.)


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            Hi Philmodjunk,


            Thanks for the help. Yes I meant 2012.

            The 1/*/2012 as a find criteria worked. 

            I am still trying to print the month of addresses on postcards. In Preview it shows the correct dimensions of the postcards. and it is now showing all the addresses, but it keeps putting a blank card between each address. For a set of 15 addresses it will show in Preview 30 cards. Doubling it because of the added blank card after each addressed card.  

            My layout is an envelope layout. I have set up the Page setup to the dimensions of the postcard. They are separate 5 1/2" wide by 4 1/4 " high postcards. I have printed the addresses on them in Appleworks many times.

            In layout the size of the body looks like the correct height of the card- 4 1/4". There is a lot of space to the right of the line that marks the right edge of the card that goes on to the right as I slide the horizontal scroll to the right. I haven't been able to reduce it. I don't know if that matters.

            I have the Header minimized at the top. It is at the top 1/4". Just enough to grab it if necessary. 

            I don't see a footer in the Layout View. I don't see the footer anywhere. 

            In Browse mode and List View it shows the addresses correctly spaced vertically to each other. But on a full continuous sheet of paper. In Browse mode but Table View it shows one address on a full sheet of paper.

            One other thing I wanted to find out. In my envelope layouts I want to have the "last Service" date field spelled out so it prints January 1, 2012. Even though I entered it as 1/1/12 in the main layout of that record.

            Thanks for the help.


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              Sounds like the height of the header plus the height of the body is more than the height of your post card. If the combined height of header and footer (and any other layout parts) is even one pixel larger than will fit in the "print area" specific to your printer with this stock, you'll get that extra blank page.

              Do you need the header at all? You can remove this layout part from your layout--either from the part setup dialog or by clicking the part label and pressing the delete or backspace key. (You do not need navigation buttons or data entry fields on this type of layout, you can use a script that switches to this layout for printing your postcards and then back to the original layout when done. It can pause in preview mode (what I recommend) for the user to print the post cards by selecting print from the FileMenu if you want. They'd then press enter to continue the script and return to the original layout.

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                Forgot to explain "print area". Each printer model differs in how close to the top and bottom edges of your stock it can print. Thus its print area for an 8.5" by 11" page may actually be a bit less than eight inches. You can adjust for this in two ways:

                1. On the Inspector's Position tab, click the units to the right of the Top, left, etc boxes until the units are Pixels. Then click a part label (header or body in your case) and modify the Height shown in the height box to adjust it by a few pixels. You may have to resize or move objects on your layout before you do this or it won't let you resize to a size smaller than will contain the objects at their current size and position. (can't move bottom of layout part up past bottom of lowest layout object.)
                2. In Layout Setup | Printing specify fixed top and bottom margins, then size your layout parts so that margins, plus part heights = the size of your stock. These settings allow you to design a layout that prints consistently on multiple printers--which can each have slightly different print areas for the stock you specify in printer set up. (The margins will work as long as they are greater than or equal to the distance from the edge of the paper to the closest to the edge a given printer can print. Thus, margins of about 0.5" for the top and 0.6" for the bottom will make your layout work with most ink jet printers.)
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                  Hi Philmodjunk, 

                  I reduced the body a little and now it looks like it will print correctly. 

                  I have another question. I did a find and entered in the phone field just the last four numbers like 1234 instead of 293-1234 and it couldn't do that find. This will work in the Appleworks database. In it I only need to enter the last four numbers not the whole phone number. I tried it again after changing the phone field from a text field to a number field and it still didn't work.  

                  Is there a way I can pull up a record just by entering the last four numbers in the phone number field? 

                  Thanks again,


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                    FileMaker sees 293-1234 as a single "word" not two. Use *1234 to find all phone numbers with 1234 as the last four digits.