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Pulling up a selected month and year

Question asked by MarkKrag on Jan 3, 2012
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Pulling up a selected month and year


I need help in setting up a database. I have been using a database in Appleworks and have imported it into Filemaker Pro 11. 

The records have 11 fields. All are text fields except the last service field is a date field.

I need to be able to pull up the records from a particular month and year.  In the last service field, a date field, the date is entered for example as 1/3/12 for January 3, 2010. 

When creating a new record I want to be able to simply enter the date into one field. How do I set up my database to be able to pull up one month of records? 

Also, I have set up layouts to print on postcards. When I have tried to print a set of records it has only printed one at a time. I need to print the whole set of records on separate postcards. I have tried this with the View on both list and table. And I have the Print dialog box set to print all the pages, and the record being browsed.