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Pullng a report from multiple tables.

Question asked by schmity on Jun 5, 2015


Pullng a report from multiple tables.


I have two related tables  Discrepancies and Parts.  I am trying to figure out how to pull a line item report of each discrepancy and all of the related parts. 

The example below is looking at it from the parts table, showing the related info from the Discrepancy (parent) table.  My problem is if there is a discrepancy with 0 parts, how do I still include it as a line item when there is no information there.  Is there someway I can look at this from the discrepancy table, but repeat the record each time there is a related part?  This report would be in list view like a spreadsheet.

Discrepancy::Description       Discrepancy::Parts Required     Parts:Description
Discrepancy 1                          Y                                               Part 1
Discrepancy 1                          Y                                               Part 2
Discrepancy 2                          Y                                               Part 1
Discrepancy 2                          Y                                               Part 2
Discrepancy 3                          N                                               (Blank)

(Discrepancy::Parts Required is a calculation if there are any related records in the parts table.)

The only way I could think of to accomplish this is to have a blank part record created every time a new discrepancy was created, just to be used as a placeholder so there was a record in the parts table related to it.  Not my favorite option since its creating unnecessary records.