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    Punching Through Router Firewall



      Punching Through Router Firewall


      I noticed in one of the other postings that another person was having trouble accessing the databases from the web when hosting the databases at home. I am having that same trouble. In his posting he said he was able to punch through the router firewall and it worked, but I am not sure how to do this and keep some kind of security with my router. I have an Airport Extreme, so any details would be great. Thanks!

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          Thanks for your post.

          The feature you are looking for is called port forwarding. It basically rerouts a request by the web connection to your router to the correct internal IP address it assigns to your computer on the port set up in the forwarding. This keeps the remaining ports closed on both the router and the system, and adding passwords to the database increases the security to that file as well.

          Apple can provide directions on how to set up the port forwarding for your router. The port to forward to on the internal IP for your system is port 80 (or 591, as determined by the setup in FM Pro).

          Please keep me posted with any further questions on this issue.


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