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    Purchase decision.



      Purchase decision.


           Hi all..

           I've been trialling FM13 and have almost made up my mind to purchase - I just wanted to make absolutely sure that the
           finished product will provide everything I need, so would welcome any confirmations, corrections or comments to the following:

           1 - FM Pro Advanced - will produce a Runtime version of my application which will be installed on a users computer- this user
           does not need to have FM installed. 

           2 - If the user sets up their own peer-to-peer or VPN and downloads Filemaker Go, then they can access & update their database 
           files via iPhone or iPad. (Would welcome any advise on the network setups)

           3 - I found this on a Knowledge Base entry (http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5432) from 2011:

      "FileMaker Pro database files are cross-platform compatible. The FileMaker Developer Utilities for Mac OS X and Windows are each
           platform specific, and each creates a runtime database for that platform only.
           So the actual runtime database must be created on the platform on which it is intended to be run"

           I assume that this last point is no longer the case ?

           4 - Neither I nor my users need to purchase any additional software in order to do any of the above..

           With thanks in advance, 

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                1. Yes FM Pro can produce runtimes.  Runtimes are standalone only and are not sharable.

               2.  Clients can connect to a database being hosted on FM Server or Filemaker Pro. Filemaker Server includes 1 concurrent license, additional license will have to be purchased and FM Pro includes 5 concurrent license.  Filemaker has it own networking software built in and this software is require to share a database.  The Databases is either located on Filemaker Server or Filemaker Pro and then is accessed from another client computer running filemaker using open remote.


               3.  You will have to have a mac to create a runtime for a MAC and Windows machine to create a runtime for Windows. 

               4.   If it is a standalone databases, then no, but there may be other license required to purchase. (See #2 above)


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                 While FileMaker Advanced can produce standalone databases, there are limits in how it can be used. Runtimes not only cannot be shared, they cannot function as the client of a hosted database. And you can't save as PDF (Licensing issue with Adobe). And Last time I checked, you can use charting in a runtime.

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                   Thanks to you both for your replies..

                   Presumably there would be no problem with a single user using their iPad to access their FM Runtime via a Remote Access app such as Mocha VNC ?

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                     If what you describe works the same way Remote Desktop Access lets you access the desktop and applications of another computer, then I see no obvious reasons why that would not work--though how well that works will depend on a number of issues--particularly the quality of your wireless access at the time.

                     I've tried an app for remote desktop access from my iPhone using a 3G connection and the speed was just too slow to make it practical, but 4G or WiFi might make things work acceptably.