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Purchase decision.

Question asked by SteveVosper on Apr 27, 2014
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Purchase decision.


     Hi all..

     I've been trialling FM13 and have almost made up my mind to purchase - I just wanted to make absolutely sure that the
     finished product will provide everything I need, so would welcome any confirmations, corrections or comments to the following:

     1 - FM Pro Advanced - will produce a Runtime version of my application which will be installed on a users computer- this user
     does not need to have FM installed. 

     2 - If the user sets up their own peer-to-peer or VPN and downloads Filemaker Go, then they can access & update their database 
     files via iPhone or iPad. (Would welcome any advise on the network setups)

     3 - I found this on a Knowledge Base entry ( from 2011:

"FileMaker Pro database files are cross-platform compatible. The FileMaker Developer Utilities for Mac OS X and Windows are each
     platform specific, and each creates a runtime database for that platform only.
     So the actual runtime database must be created on the platform on which it is intended to be run"

     I assume that this last point is no longer the case ?

     4 - Neither I nor my users need to purchase any additional software in order to do any of the above..

     With thanks in advance,