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Purchase Order Database Solution?

Question asked by DanielClark on Jan 18, 2011
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Purchase Order Database Solution?


I have a Parts Inventory table and a Purchase Orders table. I am trying to set up a way to add parts from my Parts Inventory table to my Purchase Order layout. I wanted it setup so you could choose the parts from a list (there are over 1000 parts, so through a list, some way to search by typing in the part name would be nice), and if the part wasnt there, one could just add it in, and the part would get added to the Parts Inventory table.

On top of this, I would also like to see, under my Parts Inventory Layout, to see what Purchase Orders that part is featured on. For example, I go to a Purchase Order, see part "Phillips Screwdriver" in its layout, I then can click on that part, which brings me to "Phillips Screwdriver" part layout in my Parts Inventory table. From there I can see what other Purchase Orders that part is on, and I can click on any of the Purchase Orders, and I'll be brought to that Purchase Order's layout in my Purchase Orders table. (phew!)

So how can I do this? Is it easy? Thanks.

*BTW- I used to have this setup in Bento, except it wouldnt go both ways automatically, I would have to add everything manually. But I would just use the related records field functionality so that I could add a part from the parts inventory section by searching for the part name and neatly adding it in.