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    Purchase Order for Items needing restock.



      Purchase Order for Items needing restock.


      So I created an Office Supply inventory database.  As items go below a minimum level it triggers a reorder flag.  The person responsible for purchasing items simply goes to the Purchase Order Layout and a purchase order is automatically created.  It works wonderfully.  Except I if I have more than 20 items for example the printout splits the order across 3 pages.  It then duplicates the Subtotal,Tax,Shipping,Balance Due section across all the 3 pages.  The Subtotals,Tax,Shipping, and Balance Due sections are in the Footer.


      I really want it to calculate just the items on the page.  I tried setting it to page break every 10 items but I still get my totals for all 20 items on each page.  


      Any ideas?




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          Thank you for your post.


          Objects/Fields in the Footer part will display at the bottom of every page.  If you want the information to display at the end, then put the information in a Trailing Grand Summary.  This prints out once at the end of all records.


          If you want different totals for each page, then create a subsummary part and make sure no more than 10 records print on each page.  You can create a script that updates a field to group by every ten records, and then sort on that field.  For example, assuming "Temp" is a temporary field for sorting.


          Set Variable [ $largecounter ; 1 ]

          Set Variable [ $smallcounter ; 1 ] 

          Go to Record/Request/Page [ First ]



             Set Field [ Temp ; $largecounter ]

             If [ $smallcounter = "10" ]

                Set Variable [ $smallcounter ; 1 ]

                Set Variable [ $largecounter ; $largecounter + 1 ]


                Set Variable [ $smallcounter ; $smallcounter + 1 ]

             End If

             Go to Record/Request/Page [ Next ; Exit after last ]

          End Loop


          Sort Records [ Temp ascending ]






          This will group every 10 records together, sort by the Temp field, and have a Sub-summary when sorted by Temp.


          If you need clarification for any of the above steps, please let me know.



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            Thanks for your solution.




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              I have totals going along the bottom for Subtotal,Tax,Shipping.  My subtotal is created by Adding a Field that is Summary Type.  It is = Total of QtyOrderedTotalPrice fields. That part works perfectly.  But then I do the tax by creating a new Field Calculation SubtotalPO*).087)) which works but is not calculating for each group.  I just noticed the Balance Due is also totaling for all items throughout the whole find instead of per page.


              How do I tell the Tax to do it by the group instead of all items found?




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                I think I figured it out.  Here is what I did.

                I changed all the Subtotal,Tax,Shipping, Misc, and Balance Due fields. To use Sorted by Group where required.  This makes it work perfectly.


                Thanks for your help.