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Purchase Order for Items needing restock.

Question asked by WillGonz on Jul 27, 2009
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Purchase Order for Items needing restock.


So I created an Office Supply inventory database.  As items go below a minimum level it triggers a reorder flag.  The person responsible for purchasing items simply goes to the Purchase Order Layout and a purchase order is automatically created.  It works wonderfully.  Except I if I have more than 20 items for example the printout splits the order across 3 pages.  It then duplicates the Subtotal,Tax,Shipping,Balance Due section across all the 3 pages.  The Subtotals,Tax,Shipping, and Balance Due sections are in the Footer.


I really want it to calculate just the items on the page.  I tried setting it to page break every 10 items but I still get my totals for all 20 items on each page.  


Any ideas?