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purchase order system - one record many field

Question asked by BryanBoyd on Feb 24, 2009
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purchase order system - one record many field


Please help. I created a purchase order table that has many field in each record. The unique field is the purchase order number, however, there are six lines that have are designated


Purchase Order Nu


line 1  description 1 job number 1 price 1

line 2  description 2 job number 2 price 2

line ?  description ? job number ? price ?


etc., all the way through six lines.


Even though these are individual fields and are not related by line, in other word line 1 is not related to description 1, etc. . . . . I really need to have each line be a record that includes the purchase order number. I have been able to create six new tables that have each line as a record using relationship with purchase order and job numbers, but then I am having trouble combining the records so that I can report purchasing by job number. I am not sure if I set the original table up correctly because there are many fields, the job number field being the one I want to use to look up information.


Can you help me?