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    Purchase Orders



      Purchase Orders


      I am trying to get the discount field to be able to enter an actual dollar amount rather than a percentage.  I have tried to change it to currency in the edit layout, although it still seems to enter it as a percentage.  Is there anyway to change this and if someone could please direct me in doing so that would be greatly appreciated.

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          Howdy shane,


          You didn't give much info for us to help...


          How is this "Discount Field" used in the Dbase?  Is it referenced as part of a calculation that results in a total which is in another field?  If so, changing the format of the field won't change the calculation that references it.  You would have to change the calculation that references it.  Said calculation likely residing in the definition of another field.


          Is this what's going on?  More info would help.  ...when I do this, I see this.  I tried this and got this result...

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               It is used in the database as a discount to take off of the subtotal when figuring out the final total.  So yes this is most likely referencing another calculation in the database.  How would I go about changing this calculation so that instead of doing a percentage of the subtotal, it would do a subtraction of an actual dollar amount?  Hopefully this is the information you need if not I can try and be more descriptive, thank you for your help.
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              shanearonson wrote:
              when figuring out the final total.  

              Your "Total" field is the first place I would look.

              Look at the expression used in the calculation for the total.  How does it reference the discount field?

              From your description I would expect it to look something like:


              Table::Subtotal - ((Table:: Discount / 100) * Subtotal)


              Table::Subtotal * (1 - ( Table:: Discount/100 ))


              You probably want to change it to something like:


              Table::Subtotal - Table:: Discount


              Keep in mind that this will change the ENTIRE way your Dbase calculates totals.  Make sure that this is what you really want to do across the board.  If it is...go for it.  (Backups are wonderful things)