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Purchase Orders and Serial Numbers

Question asked by on Dec 21, 2012
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Purchase Orders and Serial Numbers


     I am making a database that will generate Purchase Order numbers (Serial, incretment 1). However, what I would like to do is I have only 4 people in the company that can give out a Purchase number. Ex: John, Jill, Brian, Tim. Each of these people I would like to have only a set number of purchase orders they can give out . Ex: John from 1000 to 1999. Brian 2000 to 2999, Jill 3000 to 3999 and Tim 4000 to 4999. I would like that when they put in their userID that it generates the next number within there allotted numbers. Would this be a script, calculation or two different tables connected? I am using the new FMP 12

     Thank you