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Purchase Orders Starter Solution

Question asked by MStephens on Jun 6, 2011
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Purchase Orders Starter Solution


I always like to think I know what I am doing, but I usually don't!  Foot in mouth

I started the PO from the starter solution to keep track of the POs we send out for product.  A bit of 'history' if you will:  The PO starter solution is actually used for material requests, I changed a few things, RO# as it is MY request for materials #.  When it is approved and I receive the PO, I enter the number of the PO.  I have a drop down field 'fund'.  I made a value list of the 'funds' we use to purchase said materials.  I keep a running excel spreadsheet on the side with the budget balances.  There are 4 balances for 4 departments that I keep track of.

Both are real handy, but, thinking (I always get in trouble when I do that) that I SHOULD be able to import the spreadsheet into FM and all would be good.  Well, NOT!  Undecided

I have (in excel) fomula's for discount cost, final cost (discount cost + S&H) Balance (final cost - the above cell)  What I need, IF I can understand what you send me.... Sealed  is a way that when the total on the PO in congunction with the fund, will subtract from the 'balance' and give me a new balance for that budget.  

1. I know it is possible

2. In reading my delima, am I too much of a newbie to understand and to DO what is required?