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    Purchase Orders Starter Solution



      Purchase Orders Starter Solution


      I always like to think I know what I am doing, but I usually don't!  Foot in mouth

      I started the PO from the starter solution to keep track of the POs we send out for product.  A bit of 'history' if you will:  The PO starter solution is actually used for material requests, I changed a few things, RO# as it is MY request for materials #.  When it is approved and I receive the PO, I enter the number of the PO.  I have a drop down field 'fund'.  I made a value list of the 'funds' we use to purchase said materials.  I keep a running excel spreadsheet on the side with the budget balances.  There are 4 balances for 4 departments that I keep track of.

      Both are real handy, but, thinking (I always get in trouble when I do that) that I SHOULD be able to import the spreadsheet into FM and all would be good.  Well, NOT!  Undecided

      I have (in excel) fomula's for discount cost, final cost (discount cost + S&H) Balance (final cost - the above cell)  What I need, IF I can understand what you send me.... Sealed  is a way that when the total on the PO in congunction with the fund, will subtract from the 'balance' and give me a new balance for that budget.  

      1. I know it is possible

      2. In reading my delima, am I too much of a newbie to understand and to DO what is required?



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          We can't really answer number 2 as we don't know what you've set for your calculations in Excel and don't know just how much of a "Newbie" you are.

          Using a combination of summary and calculation fields, it's possible to set up a ledger so that each approved PO is a ledger entry in the appropriate fund. It's even possibile to set this up so that a single PO draws from more than one fund.

          Using just the calculation you describe, you can set up two calculation fields and a summary field:

          cFinalCost: Discount cost + ShippingAndHandling

          cBal: FundsAllocated - cFinalCost

          sRunningTotal: Summary field, running total fo cBal, Restart summary for each sorted group. Group by FundID.

          FundsAllocated is the field where you record the initial funds and any additional amounts allocated as time passes. Each expense and each fund allocation is a separate entry in your table just like deposits and withdrawels in a check register. You sort and group your records by Fund if you want to see the balances of more than one fund at the same time.