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Pushing Content From One Container Field to Another

Question asked by EKZ on Jun 6, 2013
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Pushing Content From One Container Field to Another



Chamblee: Thanks for your reply. Being relatively new to forums I accidentally deleted the entire post and thread when my thought was it would delete my draft reply only. Wanted to delete to start over to make corrections. Can you not delete replies only without loosing the prior threads?

Here is a recap of the exchange that we had so far including my reply. I lost your reply accept for the last part. So sort of starting over:

     My first post stated: Lets say there is a table A with a image container ( jpg or pdf } field 1 and a separate table B with container image field 2. Can a script be created that pushes a copy of  the field contents from field 1 to field 2 seamlessly sort to speak? Perhaps via a set field, insert , or what ever script steps / formula that will work. If so how? and does the image quality get compromised? One amongst several uses would be to push content from one container in a document table to an email attachment field in the contacts table. The email attachment field is a global. Thank you.


My Reply: Chamblee: You state that my field is a global already, so am I having a problem? Answer (see attachments} : I have not tried or scripted this as yet because I don't want to mess up anything. My fear is that it may look like it works.  Than down the road after sending emails a discovery is made that a critical part of the FM setup was overlooked resulting in a lost images or whatever causing a communication breakdown with a client that is very important to a project. Just to be sure that I explained this correctly, let me try to do a better job: I have one enhanced external container field in our  "Documents" source  table. The email structure of Contacts resides in a separate Contacts layout.  Basically we have a portal included in he email layout (again the email layout is in the Contacts table). So what we are attempting to do is store in the portal the Document’s text data with a button attached to a script. The script  will grab the container content from the related portal row and sets this content from Documents to the email attachment field. As mentioned the attachment field is a global so we can do multiple emails if we want. Hope the attached screen shots are self explanatory.  Sorry for my bad grammar and spelling.