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    Put Portal Information In An Email



      Put Portal Information In An Email


           Hi there,

           I am looking for a way to send an email that includes a schedule of information found in a portal.

           Is this possible?

           So for a supplier I would like to send them an email that includes all of the dates and times they are required.

           Schedule is found in a seperate table.



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               Option 1: Use Save As PDF to generate a PDF of one of your layouts that has this information and attach it to the email.

               Option 2a: In the Portal's Table, define a calculation field that combines the fields you would show in the single row of a portal. One possible expression for that might be:

               Field1 & Char(9) & Field2 & Char(9) & ....

               Where Char(9) is the tab character and you put your fields from the portal table in place of Field1, Field2....

               Then, you can specify a calculation for the body of your email and use List (PortalTable::CalculationField) to produce a return separated list of the above calculation in the body of your email.

               Option 2b: If you are sufficiently fluent in SQL, you can produce the same list as 2a, with a single use of ExecuteSQL in the calculation for the Body of your email without needing the extra calculation field in the portal's table. you can use Char ( 9 ) as the field separator and ¶ as the record separator.

               Note Option 2 is plain text. You may not be able to produce results that are satisfactory if there is a lot of variation in the amount of space needed for the data in one of your fields.