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Putting Multiple cells in same column on one page

Question asked by TimClifford on Feb 9, 2015
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Putting Multiple cells in same column on one page


Hi, I'm new to Filemaker and trying to complete one task. I've hit a brick wall, and I'm sure it's easy when shown how! I have included a screen shot of a sample file that is similar to the situation I'm trying to solve.

So I have an excel file, and as by way of example, in column A are numbers (not all unique), in column B and C is text (not all unique) and in column D is text (all unique, and can be up to 1000 characters).

The result I am looking for is A4 sheets per each number that contain the repeated text once and all the unique text. So from the example screenshot attached....

Page 1 of the filemaker file would have




Some text goes in here

And some more text goes in here

And another bit of text here