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Putting Percent of Counts in a Summary report

Question asked by gregdc on Nov 6, 2014
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Putting Percent of Counts in a Summary report


I am back again to ask about getting a Percent of Total field in a report with subsummaries based on the sort order requested by the user.

My report looks very simple:

Fiscal Year                                  Count of Items

   Fiscal Quarter                           Count of Items

      LocationGroup                        Count of Items

           Location                            Count of Items

this works great, the User can sort the by any one or more of these categories and the number add up fine

Now however they are asking for a Percent of Total to go along with the Counts.   So if the User picks all four levels in the order I just wrote each Location would have a (Location Count of Items/LocationGroup Count of Items)*100  displayed as a percent.    And for Each LocationGroup would have (LocationGroup Count of Items/Fiscal Quarter Count of Items)*100.  And so on up the line.  

If the User chooses to sort on by Fiscal Year and Location the Location percent is (Location Count of Items/Fiscal Year Count of Items)*100 and the Fiscal Year could be (Fiscal Year Count of Items/Grand Total Count of Items)*100.

So how do I do this????