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           Goal: to update a Date field via a script.

           What happens though is that after the script below completes the date field, which had a value earlier, is now left blank/empty.


           Set Variable [$DateMetersRead; Value: 03-01-2013]



           Set Field [Utilities::Date Meters Read; $DateMetersRead]

           I'm just a hobbyist, but what am I missing?


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               Hi Jerry,

               You are trying to stuff a variable containing a text string ("03-01-2013") into Utilities::Date Meters Read that you have defined as a date field.

               If "03-01-2013" is in your system's date format, try this instead:

               Set Variable [ $DateMetersRead ; Value: GetAsDate("03-01-2013") ]

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                 Actually 03-01-2013 without quotes would be interpreted by FileMaker as a math problem: 3 subract 1 subtract 2013. The - characters will be interpeted as the subtraction operator. wink

                 As Jade has suggested, GetAsDate is one way to get around that detail.

                 Date ( 3 ; 1 ; 2013 )

                 would be another way of getting the same result.