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Puzzling Relationship/Portal Set up

Question asked by jastbury on Nov 6, 2013
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Puzzling Relationship/Portal Set up


     Hi all,

     I want a relationship/portal set up that I just can't get my head around, any help would be great.

     Basically, I have a database section for Exhibitions. In the Exhibition Detail layout, I want a portal that shows the contact details of all the Participating Artists. This seems easy to me if contacts just had one 'on/off' 'Exhibition' value, but they could have many, meaning I have created a seperate table called 'Exhibition History'.

     This table links with the Contacts table and stores details on all of the exhibitions that contact has participated in. What I want to make happen is for the portal in the exhibitions layout to look at the exhibition history table, pull out any exhibition titles that match its 'Exhibition Title' record, then reference this back to the contacts (using the match ID) who are participating, displaying their names, phone numbers and emails etc.

     If you know any easier way to do this or have any suggestions on how to implement it I would love to hear them!