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Q re saving import field mapping order

Question asked by Emilie on Nov 30, 2009
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Q re saving import field mapping order


Hi to all. I am a relatively new FM user for work purposes and would greatly appreciate some help. We have FM Pro 8.5 set up on our networked server with Window OS on all office PCs. I need to import multiple new records from Excel into an existing FM table on a regular basis. The source Excel spreadsheets have a header row, one row per record (can be up to 100 records), and one column per FM field (approx 20 unique fields).  The XLS source field names do not quite match the FM target field names.


My import method thus far looks like:

1. File> Import Records > from File

2. Select the relevant XLS from my shared files

3. In 'Import Field Mapping' drag and drop the target fields so they line up with the appropriate Source Fields

4. Select 'Add New Records' and click 'Import'.


It all works as i want it to, however, I lose this field import order the next time I open FM to repeat the task with a new XL spreadsheet. Ideally I'd like to import once, somehow save the import field mapping order I have created, then use it again the next time I import so that I don't have to adjust the field mapping manually each time. Is there a way to save the field order?


Huge thanks for any help offered!