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Q's before I purchase about creating and implementation...

Question asked by badbeamer on Jan 16, 2010
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Q's before I purchase about creating and implementation...


Okay,  I want to be sure I have an understanding of what I can do with FM Pro and what I can't do.  I need to create a database system for my simple needs at a daycare to help with money tracking, food inventory, student files, etc.  Now, if I purchase my OWN copy of FM and create the database and to I get it from MY computer to the computer at work?  This will be my personal copy of FM and not my employers.  I guess in a way I will be a "developer" but not getting paid/reimbursed for the FM pro software.  I can use it for my own use too, but want a way to create a "program" or database for the daycare.  None of the information will be stored on the web, just on the local hard drive.


I know that a program I purchased was built using Filemaker and I am wondering how you get your database to work and open on another computer that is not running FM on it? Are there additional tools or plug ins to make this work?  I guess I am just wondering how you get the databases exported to run on their own.


Any help would be appreciated before I make my purchase.