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    Q: possible to have two sets of tab orders?



      Q: possible to have two sets of tab orders?


           I have a database with just under a couple of dozen fields within each record.

           In its current form, only four fields are included in the Tab Order--about a third of the fields are calculated or otherwise don't use keyboard entry so I wouldn't tab to them anyway, and the rest are only used in particular instances.

           However, there are another three fields that I do enter text into with some regularity; when I do so, it's usually in all three.

           What I'd like to be able to do is to have two independent sets of Tab Orders--that is, if I'm editing any of the four fields that currently have a Tab Order set, then tabbing switches between the four. If, however, I click into one of the three fields that I periodically need to edit (but don't currently have a Tab Order) then tabbing switches between those three only, until I click back to a different field.

           I suspect this is impossible (at least, I don't see how in FM 11, which I currently use), but I thought I'd check, as well as see if there are any esoteric options.

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               You could use two layouts that are identical except for the tab order. An OnobjectEnter trigger on one of the "other three fields" could perform a script that changes layouts.

               But a simpler method would be to leave the additional fields out of the tab order but use the OnObjectkeystroke trigger to perform a script that uses:

               Code ( Get ( TriggerKeystroke ) )

               to identify when a tab, enter or return was pressed in order to use go to field to move the focus to the next of this group of fields. Be sure to end such a script with Exit Script [False] to keep the actual keystroke from being processed.

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                 Or . . . if you have fmp 13, place both sets of fields on the same layout, identical sets fields on top of each other and hide / display the fields with a simple Boolean calculation , thus changing the tab order.