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ql-570 label printer problems

Question asked by DonorTracker on Apr 20, 2009
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ql-570 label printer problems


I've set up a script to print a single address label to my Brother QL-570 label printer. I'm using the latest Brother driver for OSX Leopard, version 2.04.


When I tell to print from the current record, it seems to want to print the label, and then an extra blank label.  I'm trying to keep it from doing this by having the script print only from page 1 to 1.  It generally will keep this setting, but often reverts to printing "all" pages -- which in this case of "current record" causes the extra blank label to spit out.


Is this a common sort of problem with Mac FMPro 10?  Or just a bad Brother driver issue?


Any workarounds -- other than visually inspecting the print dialog everytime and forcing it back to printing page 1-1?