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Quality Issue with Embedded PDF in Container Field

Question asked by on Feb 1, 2012
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Quality Issue with Embedded PDF in Container Field



I need to resolve an issue with fuzzy PDF documents created when printing objects embedded in container fields.

A client needed to remove the Schubec plugin from their solution because the plugin is no longer supported by its developer.

The solution needs to merge FileMaker data with specific pages of a PDF document that contains diagrams. It use to do so by creating a base PDF document with the Schubec plugin, then appending the PDF document that contains diagrams to the base PDF document using the Schubec plugin, then remove unwanted pages and paginate the end result using Acrobat.

We devised a new approach where each diagram would be contained in its own one-page PDF document. Using FileMaker Pro's Save as PDF feature, a base PDF file would be created that would contain the FileMaker data. Each diagram would be imported into a container field as an object so that it displays in FileMaker Pro. Each diagram would then be appended to the base PDF document by using FileMaker Pro's Save as PDF feature.

And here is the problem: the FileMaker data looks great but the embedded PDF diagrams are fuzzy. My client tells me the fuzziness is not acceptable. Does anyone know if there is a work-around for this?

Your help is greatly appreciated!

David Lalonde