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    Quantity portal



      Quantity portal


      How can I show that quantity of records in my portal in a certain table or layout?

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          It depends one whether this is a filtered or unfiltered portal. An unfiltered portal will show all related records. Count ( PortalTable::ForeignKey ) is a calculation that could show the number of related records.

          A Filtered portal can be used to show the number of records in a second filtered portal with the same base table and portal filter expression. This added portal would have just one row and a "count of" summary field defined in the portal's table.

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            I Just tried this and nothing appears in the  Field (Number of Loads...



            Count ( join_widget_customer::LoadsIDfk )

            join_widgets_customer= the name of the portal 

            LoadsIDfk= the foreignKey fo the loads that I want to count...

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              This can fail in a number of ways depending on your tables, relationships and data.

              It also depends on where you put this count function. If should work just fine as an unstored calculation field (provided the above issues are not at fault). It won't work at all as a number field with an auto-enter calculation.

              So how did you implement this count function? What field are you counting? It must be a field in the related table that is never empty of data for the records that you want to count. Since the match field in the portal table can't be empty if the record is visible in the portal, I usually use that field for such a count.

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                This is I implemented the count function ... no values showing up in the Number of loads field...


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                  This is one of the methods that I previously stated would not work. Use a field of type calculation.

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                    Thanks So much Works good now with your advice..