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    Quasi-Audit Record



      Quasi-Audit Record


           Here's what I need to do:

           When any field in a record is changed, I want to essentially do a "Save As" and create a new record in the same file with the new values and a time stamp.

           I've read many posts in the Forum about audit files, so i can think of several ways to do this, but they all seem to be far more complicated than they need to be.   I know I need to use Script Triggers, but I'm not sure the easiest way to save the original field values.  If there were a simple way to save them, I could just save those as the new record and then save the changes in the current record.  


           Am I missing something very simple?

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               Easiest way to make a copy of a record is to use "Duplicate Record / Request".

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                 But this will duplicate the record after the data has changed giving you two copies of the new data. I think you'll want to duplicate the record befor using the user's input to modify a field in the record.

                 You may want to pop up a custom dialog or new window to display the data from the field in a global field for user edits and then if the new value is different from the original, duplicate the record and then use set field to update the modified field in one of two resulting copies of this record by copying the data from the global field to the original filed.

                 Another option may be to copy the data to a variable, revert the record, duplicate it and then copy from the variable back to the field.