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Queries and How to In Filemaker Pro

Question asked by MikeHaddon on Dec 7, 2010
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Queries and How to In Filemaker Pro


I am a longtime MS Access user, but to get a database app working on my iPad and iPhone, I am beginning work in FileMaker Pro 11.0.  I worked my way through understanding how to add tables and forms (layouts), but I am very stuck in figuring out how FMP works with data selection.

Let me provide an example of what I am trying to accomplish.  I work with the Utah Legislature during their session.  I am developing a database that provides me information (at my fingertips) regarding pertinent items.  My primary table (Main) includes names, party affiliation, email, phone, photograph, and committee membership.  I created a Committee table that simply lists each of the legislative committees, as well as a short unique identifier associated with each Committee (for example, House Education Committee may have an identifier of 1H.

So, back in my Main table, if a legislator is a member of the House Education committee, in the field Standing1 (Standing Committee 1), I would have 1H (rather than redundantly adding the committee name for each legislator).  This becomes a little complicated, as legislators may belong to several standing committees.

With this background, I was trying to create a layout where there would be a dropdown listing of all committees.  Based on the committee I select, the layout would populate the layout with all legislators who are members of that committee.  I have gone into the table relationships and established a relationship between the committee ID (in the Committees table) and the Standing1 field (in the Main table).  I have no problem creating a layout that includes fields from both tables, but nothing populates.

Anyway, back in MS Access, I simply would have written an SQL query that would select name, email, and phone number where the standing1 (in Main) equals committeeID (in Committees).  From there, I could actually create a form based on the query itself.  In FileMaker, I am really struggling to understand how to duplicate something like I did in MS Access.

Anyone with time and compassion - please help!