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    queries have to be SQL?



      queries have to be SQL?



      Kind of a beginner question. In access there's that tool for creating queries, not only for sorting or choosing records for a report, but also general data manipulation; select by criteria and then delete a bunch of records or update selected records (scripted, as opposed to the user doing it by find/replace), combine tables, create a new table, saved queries and scripts that let you have queries fed by queries fed by queries, as involved as you want to get. Similar deal on a Paradox project I worked on years ago. FM gives some of this with reports with criteria and summary fields and saved sorts, but seems to be short of what I'm used to. Maybe I just need a shift in perspective on how FM does things. In doing some hunting and reading and tutorial stuff it seems the only way to do this is SQL, which I've never needed to learn. (I suppose I can learn yet another system but I was hoping to not make a career out of this. Just occasional projects.) Am I right in that? And if it's SQL am I right in gathering it can only happen with an FM front-end and an SQL or other back-end, not with and FM back-end? How close to this kind of functionality can I get within FM?





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          finding, replacing, sorting in filemaker:



          some more references for Filemaker:

          some references


          and yes, sql statements can be done in filemaker, too. but this will be something tricky, not by the "front door", only by the "back door". you have to make a odbc system dsn to your filemaker database, and by this backdoor you can use sql to modify your filemaker data.


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            Thanks for the links. The stuff on search or search and replace manually I have. And some of that can be scripted though that's less flexible and awkward than just doing a query. I did not have the ODBC & JDBC pdf. I'll look through that. I'm glad there's a way to do SQL and keep it all in FM. It would be better still if there was a way to do this sort of thing within the FM UI.