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Query exported to Excel lacks some data

Question asked by conlin100 on Nov 5, 2009
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Query exported to Excel lacks some data


I am using FM Pro Advanced 9.


I have a database of student scores on tests, one for each year.  When I do a query and then export the results, I get rows that are blank, except for the test scores. Something like this:

 Joe   100 2009

         55  2008

         60  2007

Mary   85  2009

         70  2008

         99  2007


 I want to sort & analyze the data.


Well, I go in and manually copy the name down (Ctrl-D). Currently the file has about 60 students, so it  is not a big deal. But I would like to eliminate the manual work. Is there a way to get a file that would be like the following?


Joe   100 2009

Joe    55 2008

Joe   60 2007



Thank you in advance.


Chuck Conlin