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Query Relationships / Second TO

Question asked by CamillaBarker on Nov 13, 2014
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Query Relationships / Second TO


Hello I am a beginner to Filemaker pro and am having a little trouble creating the right type of relationship to achieve one of my goals. As you can see in the image, I have ARTISTS relating via ARTISTGALLERIES to GALLERIES, then I also have ARTISTS relating directly to ARTIST PHOTOS. 

In my ARTISTS layout / context I can show a portal showing all the galleries relating to the artist and another portal showing all the photos relating to the artist. In the ARTIST PHOTOS table / layout / context and therefore also in the portal showing the photos in the ARTISTS layout / context I want to be able to specify which gallery each photo comes from - as the artist can have many galleries.

As one ARTIST PHOTO can only belong to one GALLERY but one gallery can have many ARTIST PHOTOS, I tried to link a pkgallery from GALLERIES to an fkgallery in ARTIST PHOTO but I was invited to create another table occurrence of ARTIST PHOTOS. I did this but cannot seem to be able to then specify in ARTIST PHOTOS which gallery any photo belongs to. I tried to do it how I did everything else by creating a drop down field for fkgallery showing the serial number with also the gallery name and then another field with the gallery name. Either I manage to choose from the drop down list but the gallery name field won't change accordingly or there just isn't any drop down list. I also tried linking a second table occurrence of ARTIST PHOTOS to ARTISTGALLERIES via pkartistgalleries and fkartistgalleries but that isn't working either. 

Clearly I haven't grasped how to manage a second table occurrence, or I'm doing it all wrong and don't actually need one. Either way can anyone help me resolve my problem please?