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    Query Report



      Query Report




      I need to make a report showing a specific Value From Specific field, I did this with a query in a report on MS Access 

      Can I do something similar on File Maker 9?




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          But of course. :smileywink:


          Any database system can do that. You've put out a very general description so I can't respond in detail.


          To locate all records with a specific value, let's say "3" in a specific field, let's say "wheels".


          Select a layout that shows the wheels field.

          Click the Find button in the task bar.

          Enter 3 in the wheels field.

          Click Perform Find in the task bar.


          Now you have all records for three wheeled vehicles or whatever.


          Make sense? (and you didn't have to use an SQL based query manager either.)


          Here's a few extra comments that may help you "transition" from Access to Filemaker (I also develop in MS Access):


          When you create a form in Access, you define a record source for it. In filemaker, you select an underlying table and use find operations like the above example to pull up a "found set" of records. This "found set" is roughly analogous to an MS Access "record source" but is easier to manipulate dynamically.


          In an Access form or report, you often have to create an SQL query as the record source so that you can display fields from different tables. In filemaker, once you've defined the relational links between the tables, you just add them to the same layout.


          MS Access subform or subreport = Filemaker Portal


          Some good news: When files are hosted over a LAN, a user normally locks just one record in a given table, not clusters of records like you frequently encounter in Access. :smileyvery-happy: