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Query returning "?" instead of values

Question asked by gregdc on Mar 11, 2014
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Query returning "?" instead of values


     I am back with another crazy question.   I have a script with a Set Variable statement as follows:

     Set Variable[$CertYr; Value:GetAsText ( Let ( [$query = "Select Min(Consultant_certification_achieved) from PeopleRole where Person_Id = ?"; $result = ExecuteSQL($query;"";"";$PersonID)] ; $result))]

     But instead of returning a blank or a year it returns "?"  I know that Consultant_certification_achieved is an attribute in People Role.   I have tried this both unqualified (as above) and qualified (PeopleRole::Consultant_certification_achieved).  Both result in "?".     

     Can someone out there see what I am not seeing and why I am getting this result?