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Quesions database with conditional resonses

Question asked by WilliamLey on Oct 3, 2010
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Quesions database with conditional resonses


I have a database that has one table of questions and answers that I would like to deliver to other individual tables (e.g., profile 1, profile 2, etc.), and each of these other profile tables use only some of the questions from the questions table. I can get the question's text delivered no problem using a relationship join and a look-up function (I do not want the profile's question text to change if I ever change the specific question text in the question table in the future).

My conundrum comes when I want to have the specific question's response deliver a specified value list. I have tried making another table of value lists which when joined by conditional relation to the question table can get the correct value list 'values', but some question responses I want delivered as radio buttons, some as check boxes, others as drop down lists. Is there an alternate way to accomplish this?