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           Any foreseeable issues with using the Get ActivePortalRowNumber as an Episode ID?  I need to have a serial value which increases for each instance a patient is assessed for a new problem.  The portal I have is designed to accept the input and sort the instances by the date of assessment (with the most recent being first).  

           So for an ID to be able to sort these later, I chose to used the Active Portal Row number using the Get function.  It seems to remain consistent even when the rows are re-sorted (i.e., episode 3 remains episode 3, even after it is resorted to be Portal Row #5.

           Are there any problems I might be overlooking by doing this?

           The main reason I did it is that when I just used the Serial selection in the EpisodeID field in defining it, it kept increasing the value, even on new records (so if I entered 5 Episodes, then started a new patient and entered an episode under that person, it ended up being Episode 6, rather than Episode 1 of Patient 2)


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               The portal row number will be a series starting with 1 for every patient. It will not match to your Episode IDs that you are already generating as ID's in SubjectiveHistory nor are the values unique.

               Please read my response in your other thread for alternatives that should work for you.