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    Question about a Find Request



      Question about a Find Request


      Hello,  i have a general question about the button called FIND. I have set up a relationship between two tables in my database. one table is viewed from a client computer but the other table is viewed by mulitiple employees from a server. I have set up an auto search and sort script that gets the <<account name>>, searches the table and and displays only the account name's data. my question is, is there a way to prevent a person from pressing SHOW ALL or is there a way to disable a person from going outside their account to see view all data over a server? i know how to do it from a client computer, but i need to know is there a way i cant prevent my employees from view other peoples data in one table

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          The find button is simply one of several ways to enter find mode. In find mode the button changes to "perform find" and it is one of several ways to perform the find and return to browse mode.

          To start:  See "Editing record access privileges" in FileMaker Help and check out this particular sub section: "Entering a formula for limiting access on a record-by-record basis" for a detailed description of how to set this up.

          This method allows you to controll access to records on a record by record basis. The users can still select Show All records, but any records that are blocked by this setting are blocked with a "no access" labled grey cover so that they cannot be read. Any finds performed by the user will automatically omit any records the user is not permitted to view as controlled by this record level access control.

          If you have a copy of FileMaker Advanced, you can set u a custom menu where you either remove the Show All records menu option--which also disables its keyboard shortcut or you can set this menu option to perform a script of your own design that does a 'show all' records, but limited only to those they are permitted to view.

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            ok wait...

            if i create a custom menu and remove SHOW ALL will it remove it when the rep logins in from the web? also can you walk me through building a custom menu plz

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              It depends on how you set it up. A script can be used to install different custom menus so you can use a script to select a different custom menu for users where this option should be omitted.

              1. Select Manage | Custom Menus... from the file menu
              2. Click the custom menus tab.
              3. Select "Records Copy" and click duplicate.
              4. Click Edit
              5. Click Show All Records and click "Delete"
              6. You'll probably want to do the same for "Show Omitted Only" as it can also bring up records for which access is denied.
              7. Click Ok
              8. Click the Custom Menu Sets tab
              9. Select "Custom Menus Set 1" by clicking it, then click duplicate.
              10. Click Edit
              11. Click Add
              12. Find the Menu you just created. (it will be named Records Copy2 unless you renamed it while you were editing it.)
              13. Click it and then click the Select button.
              14. Drag the arrow control until it is positioned just above or below the Records Copy menu
              15. Click Records Copy and click Remove
              16. Edit the Menu set name if you wish.
              17. Click Ok twice to close these windows.


              Now you can enter layout mode and select layout setup... to see a dialog where you have a drop down for selecting the custom menu set for that layout. If you wish, you can use this drop down to assign a different menu set to this layout as the "default menu set". This will now be the menu set for this layout unless a script uses the Install Menu Set script step to assign a different menu set--which is how you can have more than one menu set for a given layout.